Your Dollar Goes Far

Average Training Costs


Volunteer Hours Required

25 hours/interpreter

Average Cost of Video Interpretation


Free Clinic Savings


All interpretation services are provided completely free of charge to our free or charitable clinic partners. Thus, we do not generate any revenue when providing our services, and only receive money from grants or individual donations. 

A significant number of clinics interested in partnering with us do not have appropriate telehealth technology to receive our services. Thus, in addition to free interpretation, we also provide clinics with a suitable number of iPad Pros for their specific needs. These tablets allow patients, caregivers, and interpreters to communicate as clearly as possible, including patients who use ASL, due to their large screens and 4-speaker array.

In addition to telehealth technology for clinics, funding from grants or donations will also be used to subsidize medical interpretation training for our volunteers. To ensure our interpreters maintain HIPAA compliance and provide effective care, volunteer requirements are extensive. Thus, they can cost up to $1000 depending on target language and relative experience. These requirements are a significant financial burden and barrier to entry for potential volunteers, especially those from low-income communities. 

On average, training costs are about $250 per interpreter. If funded, interpreters must volunteer with Vocalize for at least 25 hours over a period of 6 months. This saves our partner clinics approximately $5250 per interpreter, as the average cost of video interpretation is about $210 per hour. Thus, for each $1 donated towards training costs, we save our partner clinics $21. These resources can then be reallocated into other initiatives at their practice, leading to better overall care for their patients. 
If you have any questions about donating to Vocalize Columbus, please contact We really appreciate your consideration and support!

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